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Maria Rentetzi
Associate Professor, National Technical University of Athens

Support Team:
Spyros Petrounakos, writer and editor

Georgia Markou, graduate student
Spyridon Stelios, graduate student
Dimitris Stergiopoulos, graduate student

Maria Rentetzi is an Associate Professor in History and Sociology of Science and Technology at the National Technical University of Athens in Greece. She received her B.Sc. in Physics at the University of Thessaloniki, an MA in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology (NTUA) and a second MA in Philosophy (VT). She completed her PhD in Science and Technology Studies at Virginia Tech. She is the author of Trafficking Materials and Gender Experimental Practices, Columbia University Press (2007), co-editor of a Centaurus special issue on Gender and Networking in the Physical Sciences (2009) and a Centaurus second special issue on Gender and Histories of Knowledge (2013). Currently she is working on her second monograph Radium Economies in Early Twentieth Century (Yale University Press).

In 2011 Rentetzi was invited as consultant at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Division of Human Health for one week. The aim of the invitation was to consult the director of the Division of Human Health and the director of the Dosimetry Laboratory on historical issues in order to prepare a historic overview of the development of the IAEA activities in dosimetry over the last 50 years. She has been several times visiting scholar at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science in Berlin and recently a Mellon Learning Associate, invited at Bates College, U.S. She is vice president of the Commission Women and Gender in Science, Technology, and Medicine, International Union of the History and Philosophy of Science, Division of History of Science and Technology (IUHPS/DHST). Rentetzi is member of the editorial board of Advances in Historical Studies ( published by  scientific research publishing. Her research interests include science and technology studies, history of radioactivity/nuclear science, and gender in technoscience.

Publications relevant to the conference

- “The Tobacco Museum of the City of Kavala” Exhibit review, Technology and Culture, 2009, 50, no 3 (2009): 649-657.
- “Configuring Identities through Industrial Architecture and Urban Planning: Greek Tobacco Warehouses in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century” Science Studies, (special volume) Simon Guy & Albena Yaneva (eds) Understanding Architecture, Accounting Society, 21, no 1 (2008): 64-81.
- “Tobacco Warehouse: a Lost Culture” in Kamilo Nolla (ed.) Kapnomagaza (Tobacco Warehouses), 18-39 (Athens: Scandinavian Tobacco Hellas and Kastaniotis Press, 2007, in French, English, and Greek).

Supporting team

Petrounakos, Spyros, writer and editor
Spyros D. Petrounakos is an editor, translator and writer based in Athens, Greece. He studied philosophy at the University of London (BA, MA) and has taken part in numerous philosophy seminars and workshops at the National Technical University of Athens and the University of Athens. He has published work in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of Wittgenstein. Recent work includes contributions to two philosophy and popular culture books to be published in the US.


Markou, Georgia
Georgia Markou received her B. Sh.  in Methodology, History and Theory of Science at the National and Kapodistrian  University of Athens in Greece. She recently completed her MA degree in History and Philosophy of Science and Technology at the Interdepartmental Program of History and Philosophy of Science and Technology, NKUA/NTUA. Her research interests involve the intertwinement of Science, Technology, and Society putting an emphasis on issues of gender and technology.

Stelios, Spyridon
Spyridon Stelios is a research fellow and PhD Student in the post-graduate program History and Philosophy of Science and Technology of the Department of Philosophy and History of Science, National University of Athens. His Master’s degree (MA) obtained by the University of Amsterdam, approached issues of European communication studies, intercultural communication and mass media. His dissertation attempts to approach empirically the affinity of communication and belief revision, by investigating and treating a descriptive model of measurement. His research interests include revising beliefs, personal and collective values, interpersonal communication, methodology of communication research and processing of information.

Stergiopoulos, Dimitris
Dimitris Stergiopoulos graduated recently from the Department of Turkish and Modern Asian Studies of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in Greece. His research interests include history and the newly developed field of Area Studies. Through his work he focuses on critical approaches to orientalism and combines elements from other fields such as anthropology, sociology, political sciences, historiography, and philosophy of history. Currently he is getting ready to apply for an MA degree in Area Studies.